Training "On the road with an app"

Hiking or cycling with an app or a GPS device

Would you like to explore with a GPS or an app, but you don’t know how?

You don’t know what a gpx– or a kml-file is?

What are the pros and cons of outdoor sports with a smartphone? Do I really need to invest in a GPS device?

What GPS devices are there?

What kind of apps are there? What are the pros and cons?

This 90-minute course covers many aspects of hiking or cycling with GPS.

Hands-on: Bring your devices, cables. I will install for you, if you wish.



15€/ person


8 participants

The course will only be organised if there are 8 candidate participants. You will be informed as soon as a date has been fixed.

Your registration is only final after payment of the registration fee.

Alle prijzen zijn inclusief btw.

Factuur op aanvraag.

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