Training "On the road with an app"

Hiking or cycling with an app or a GPS device

Hiking or riding with an app or a GPS device. Freedom and adventure are calling. Discovering new paths and horizons. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? However, it is not always as nice as it sounds. It can also be quite frustrating and then the holiday feeling is gone. To avoid these frustrations, it is good to know a few basic things.

In this basic course you will learn more about

  • the pitfalls of digital guidance
  • the most important apps and their advantages and disadvantages
  • satellite constellations and chips 
  • gpx or kml file
  • when is your smartphone ok, when is a GPS device better?
  • gpx route or gpx track
  • how to put a gpx on a smartphone or gps device (Garmin)?

This 60 to 90 minute course covers many aspects of walking or cycling with gps. If time permits, a track of around 20 km will be drawn.

Hands-on: Bring your devices, cables.


Private persons


Pre-registration required.

At least 5 participants.


90€/ group

+ any expenses (room hire, travel expenses, hire of projector)

The group leader determines the time and place. 



Private persons



 The group leader determines the place and time.

Participation is only final after receipt of the registration fee.

Alle prijzen zijn inclusief btw.

Factuur op aanvraag.

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